The beauty of Local Sports Magazine is that you will get out of it what you put into it. Finally, you will be paid what you are worth.

For some, Local Sports Magazine will be a full-time pursuit, one that could lead them into other realms. For others, it will be a part-time endeavor, a way to supplement their income.

But either way, our proven method will help you generate income while you’re doing what you love.

There are three major aspects of Local Sports Magazine – content, marketing and advertising. And while they’re all interconnected, they are also unique in their reach.

We will teach you how to produce engaging content through the use of tantalizing headlines, great leads and stunning photography. We will mentor you on how to market your website through the use of social media, low-cost advertising and newsletters. And we will show you how to obtain advertising dollars through a persistent, respectful and local approach.

For $29.97 per month, we’ll send you an information-packed newsletter on how to set up your own local sports magazine. By the end of the 12-month period, you’ll be covering local sports and lining your pockets. But there is no obligation, cancel at any time. We’ll even send you the first newsletter free.

 ‘Become comfortable with the double entendre, the literal and figurative meanings of words, they will help you write great headlines and leads.’ 

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